Monday, September 1, 2008

Soundtracks, William Blake, Hurricanes... oh my,

I am currently sitting at my dining room table listening to an on-line classical radio station while reading William Blake and drinking Earl Grey tea. This is a rather idyllic situation for my Labour day, even if I have this damn exam still hanging over my head.

I sometime wonder if I am really smart enough to get Blake, or do I just have a total lack of religious knowledge? I have read parts of the Bible - mainly the stuff the Blake and Milton are interested in - but I still have trouble getting exactly what the hell he is saying. I read a good introduction to him just now and kinda have a better sense of him, but am about to go on and read his actual poetry, which is a bit daunting for me.

Besides that I am taking a break from listening to the Brideshead Revisited score again... I can't stop listening to it. I became totally obsessed with it since we saw it the last friday...I immediately went and got it from Itunes and just love it. I urge you to go see the movie and then just let the score wash over you... it is a toned down, sparse piano and violin score at times that just haunts you. Plus the movie is quite excellent. For those in Toronto, Bloor cinema is playing it next week, tickets are only 6 bucks, or 3 for members.

I have been keeping track of the growing Gustav coverage in the south, it appears as though New Orleans is being hit again. The Levees are breaking once again. While it is not expected to be as bad as Katrina was 3 years ago (can you believe that was 3 years ago), it is still going to be bad if the city starts to flood again. The storm hit Cuba quite hard as well, which worries me since Tara is currently vacationing there... I hope she is safe.

Well, I should get back to it. Happy Labour Day everyone... enjoy your restful day!!

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